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Helping Your Clients Invest in Technology

Do Your Clients:

Need to invest in new technology projects but budgets are tight or need incentives to go forward with digital transformation?

Need to get alignment in their organization to focus on a digital project?

Need to get an assessment or consulting work done to scope out a project?

We got the warm lead in under a month with companies who were excited to speak with us using GrowthFinder LinkedIn Referral System.

Wayne King

President InfoMedia Systems

CDAP Can Help Your Clients Reach Their Goals By:

Grant Opportunity

Providing grants up to $15,000 and up to $100,000 interest free loans to invest in new technology projects


Giving direction on exactly which projects need to happen and when by assessing their business problems and creating a plan for a solution

CDAP Can Help You Grow Your MSP Revenue By:

Digital Adoption

Giving you the opportunity to implement digital solutions after the CDAP  is complete 

Referral Opportunity

Giving you the opportunity to join a referral community 

Additional Benefits

What Does Partnering with GrowthFinder 
"Certified CDAP Digital Advisor" 
Look like?

Partnering with GrowthFinder means you’ll have support in creating and managing digital solutions for Canadian SME’s. You’ll also reduce the risk of acquiring and implementing digital marketing and digital products.

Sales Commissions

Conducting Digital Presence Assessments and Cybersecurity Assessments

Collaboration Opportunities

Having the ability to implement solutions 

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