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What You'll Learn

Develop a holistic understanding of the role of digital marketing in an organization, including developing a market and user research, and omnichannel experiences. You’ll learn how to build a sales funnel and how to engage with customers at each stage by using journey maps.


How you'll apply what you learn:

Working with a live high-growth company, you’ll help to design an end-to-end marketing strategy for an organization to help them achieve a marketing goal. Your strategy will include a brand strategy, customer journey development, content marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Relevant content is the fuel behind the most effective marketing strategies. Digital ads, social posts, and emails are all created to push content to today’s buyers. Content helps organizations build brand equity and trust with their customers. You’ll learn how to create valuable and relevant content, such as e-books, email sequences, social media posts, and landing pages to increase brand recognition, attract an audience, and build brand awareness and trust.


How you'll apply what you learn:

You will strategically develop specific pieces of content to engage with customers as they move through the marketing funnel, refining your pieces by learning the fundamentals of copywriting. These pieces of content will potentially include blog posts, e-books, emails and landing pages.

Content Marketing

Email lists are important assets in any organization. We will expand on the fundamentals of email marketing and learn how to capture, segment, and manage users to plan and execute successful email campaigns using industry platforms. In this segment, we will learn to create landing pages and track key metrics to make data- driven decisions.


How you'll apply what you learn:

With a strategic end goal in mind, you will develop a lead generation or drip campaign to build audience engagement. Then, you’ll use a data-driven approach to evaluate the results of your campaign.

Email Marketing

A strong social media presence builds trust and engagement with your audience, all while communicating your brand’s authenticity. - Figure out what platform makes sense for your brand - Tie social to goals and overall campaigns - Understand how social campaigns are performing through data, create reports, and learn to optimize campaigns.


How you'll apply what you learn:

Students will plan and develop a social media campaign using one platform to target a segmented customer. Students are then expected to add posts to their Content Calendar, implement UTM codes, and evaluate content and performance.

Social Media Marketing

Gain hands-on experience integrating your content, email and social media campaigns into a core marketing automation system. You will learn how to develop email campaigns, follow-up with tasks and build reporting using the Keap/Iinfusionsoft platform. Develop high-quality dashboards to track key performance metrics and make data-driven marketing decisions.


How you'll apply what you learn:

Using the Keap/Infustionsoft platform, you will integrate email, social media and ecommerce for a system that drives business results. You will analyze how marketing campaigns are performing and develop a plan to optimize the marketing campaign in an actionable manner.

Marketing Automation

Dive into the fundamentals of online advertising and explore the role it plays in developing results-oriented marketing strategies. You will learn to create search engine optimized and pay-per-click strategies. You will learn best practices and the strategic and technical requirements behind effective marketing for search engines, including how to create targeted ad campaigns and groups.


How you'll apply what you learn:

You’ll optimize a lead generation campaign. You conduct a SEO audit for your lead generation campaign, including websites and landing pages. You will also develop a comprehensive Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign, conducting keyword research to write dynamic, attention-grabbing copy. Then you’ll evaluate the results using either Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics software.

Online Advertising

Industry-Leading Educators

As leading digital marketing professionals in their industry, GrowthFinder Pro’s facilitators are passionate about delivering dynamic, comprehensive, project-based learning experience for our students that have real-world application.



GrowthFinder Pro’s Career Success Team is dedicated to creating a learning experience that extends far beyond the classroom.



Our program gives students a practical framework for success built on insights and input from fast-growth companies, career coaches and marketing educators.



During the Digital Marketing Accelerator, you will have the chance to intern with a fast-growth company, meet with industry professionals, prepare for your career search, and showcase your work to peers and hiring partners.

Program Overview

Participants work on live projects and outcomes-based skills development, with a low student-teacher ratio with expert marketing educators from around the world.


During the program, you will use tools like Keap/Infustionsoft, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and more to master digital marketing strategy. tactics and techniques, including digital profile optimization, content management, social media, reporting, and more.


At the end of each module, you will apply new skills to complete a real-world project, culminating in a final portfolio piece, which will allow you to develop in-depth knowledge of all aspects of a cutting-edge digital marketing strategy.

Application Process

GrowthFinder Pro’s Accelerator program is designed to be challenging, intensive learning experiences. To ensure the success of all our students, GrowthFinder Pro only selects committed individuals who will thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative learning environment.


To be considered for the Digital Accelerator Experience with GrowthFinder Pro, you must complete the following steps.

Speak with an Advisor

 Submit an Initial Online Application

Receive an Invitation to a Discovery Call


  • Submission of education credentials

The GrowthFinder Pro application process includes:

  • Submission of proof of English language proficiency (if English is not your first language)

  • Completion of a personal statement

  • Satisfactory completion of a live video interview with our admissions team 

Financing Options

GrowthFinder Pro offers a number of monthly payment plan and financing options to support you.

Tuition payments aren't due until after you've been accepted into the program.


Learn more about financing by booking a call with a Learning Advisor.

Upcoming Sessions

1  — 

May, 2023

Speak with one of our learning advisors to understand if there is space available for this session

2  —


Speak with one of our learning advisors to understand if there is space available for this session

3 —


Speak with one of our learning advisors to understand if there is space available for this session

GrowthFinder Pro’s digital accelerator provides an immersive blend of on-demand and Online Live learning. These programs provide flexibility and support learning on your schedule.

What to Expect Each Week

Programs are arranged to be a combination of live, hands-on online learning, accompanied by teaching through GrowthFinder’s leading-edge learning platform. Digital Accelerator participants will have access to power hours with industry leaders, panel discussions, and more.

Innovative & Affordable

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