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Packaging Your Expertise

Help you understand your competitive advantage & structure it into a valuable client offer.

Generating Sales Leads

Via a proven process that helps position you as the logical choice for your ideal client.

Profile Funnel

Optimize Profile to Become A Sales Landing Page and Drive SEO leads.

Messaging Funnel

Build a series of connection and follow-up messages to build relationship and drive to sales meetings.

Referral Funnel

Identify the opportunity in your network who can exponentially increase your access to key decision-makers.

Nurturing Funnel

Nurture existing relationships within the LinkedIn space in less than 10 minutes per day.

Save Time

Ramp up your sales appointment-setting within 2-4 weeks.

Saving Money

Outsource the cost of an internal sales resource to consistently generate leads to grow your business. 

Content Funnel

Content strategy to build your reach, reputation and bring warm clients to you.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation 

This coaching and training program will help you join the ranks of top influencers on LinkedIn. You will grow your brand and influencer status and have your clients coming to you. 

Innovative & Affordable

Want To Get Your Project Started With Us?

Schedule a complementary call with us to go over your requirements and get a free project road mapping done.

We go so many CEO leads that it was hard to keep up with them. A good problem to have. I highly recommend this model for B2B Sales Leads.

Charles Plant

President Narwhal Project

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