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You Are Not Alone

3 general problems that businesses have.

In businesses there are many moving parts which allow some issues to fall under the radar. This

is normal. Most businesses have general problems that digital transformation can help them fix.

Research has shown that 73% of SMEs have trouble growing their business because they do not have an active plan for digital transformation. (SMB Group)

The past systems of business building are broken and weren't designed to last in our growing and dynamic environment. The good thing is that most businesses have moved past a fax machine, which is a step towards digital transformation. These three problems are problems that most businesses have in relation to their goals and how they can achieve them. A CDAP can help to alleviate these problems and help towards business growth.

  1. The business processes are broken.

This can mean several things. Often businesses are guilty of lowering the priority of fixing broken systems and just working around them. This happens especially when times are busy, and all the pieces of the business are moving at the same time. This gets harder to handle when the broken system goes across different areas of the company, such as across different teams and stakeholders. For example, a broken process can be a lack of data organization like a CRM not being used correctly, efficiently, and consistently. This can lead to missing follow up on clients and partners or missing out on different business opportunities.

2. Sales are not hitting their targets

This might be one of the most important problems because it directly impacts business profits and how a business may run regarding the teams and stakeholders. Sales targets not being hit are often a symptom of a deeper root cause. It may be hard to find this root cause because of the many layers that may play into this problem. Often businesses try to band-aid this problem without fixing the root cause; this may fix the problem in the short term but have longer term consequences.

3. Cybersecurity is not solid.

Cybersecurity is all the technologies and protocols that keep a computer system and electronic data safe. Improving cybersecurity is very important because of the new technological advancements on the horizon. As our technology gets smarter the dangers of cybercrime become more of an issue. Cybersecurity helps to protect all the companies’ sensitive data and information; this helps to ensure confidentiality and the integrity of the information. Cybersecurity has an impact not only with the confidential data that companies might keep, but also it could put companies in legal issues and ruin the relationship with the clients and/ or customers.

SMEs are more likely to be targeted by a cyber-attack because they usually lack the assets and the expertise. They usually do not have dedicated experts in cybersecurity on the team to keep the systems updated and secured. During the pandemic a lot of businesses made the move to being fully online and this left a series gaps in tech skills, strained budgets and amplified the fact that a lot of businesses are unprepared to meet the demands of cyber security.

How can CDAP help?

CDAP helps this problem by allowing the teams to take a deep dive into the different areas of their company and build an action plan to help combat these problems. It allows them to really identify these issues and map out the process to help fix these issues. It gives them a clear overview of their business and helps them build a long term plan to propel their business into a digital transformation. Here at Growthfinder we are focused on Digital Marketing for Growth and Digital Transformation for Clarity.

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