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How Digital Transformation Benefits the People of the Company

When thinking about Digital Transformation most people think about just updating technology or installing a new technology platform to improve efficiency of processes. While company culture is the one of the powers behind digital transformation.

Doing a digital transformation puts pressure on a company to change the way they look at their business. Currently especially since the Covid 19 Pandemic this change is demanded of companies because customers expect efficient services while being high quality and having it be accessible whenever wherever they are.

In a digital transformation the people of the company are one of the biggest competitive advantages because they are the foundation to having a company work like a well-oiled machine.

The impact of Digital Transformation

To have growth as a company and keep up with the current trends and industry standards every company must be adaptable, consistently update and improve in the following areas.

Remote Work

It is important for employees to work in an environment and have a work culture that supports work life balance. This means an environment that is productive free of distractions and having the ability to work from home or the office. Making sure that the infrastructure for remote work is adequate is the challenge for most businesses. Some of the areas that businesses can use digital transformation to improve is in their accountability, equipment, and external collaboration.

Accountability is important when working remote. This is because people need to be held accountable for the deliverables that need to be done on certain timelines, making sure they are meeting their different goals and they have all the tools to do proper reporting. Employees need to be able to measure outcomes of their work and see their productivity. This means employers must have the proper measurement and KPI’s. Employers need to make sure they are measuring things the correct ways to have transparency and help increase productivity.

Having working equipment is the easiest way to promote an effective working environment. This could look like high-speed internet, working printers and computers that have the capacity to do the work needed to be done. By keeping the equipment up to date and making the working process as seamless as possible is a competitive advantage that will keep and attract new talent to the company. This not only will attract new talent to the company, but it will increase productivity and get more done in less time.

When working remote external collaboration is an essential part of working. This is the collaboration with not only the employees but also clients, partners, and vendors. This is having the equipment and processes in place to get work done across all channels easily and seamlessly no matter where the location is.

Moving towards a better remote work environment through a digital transformation can help to have more engaged employees even with their many different lifestyles. This will not only benefit the employees but the business also.

Employee Productivity

To get things done, increase initiative, accountability and quality of work productive employees are important. It is challenging but important to implement processes, solutions, technologies, and best practices to support the different personalities and roles in the company to in turn enable productivity.

To increase productivity companies can use a digital transformation to improve: time management, prioritization, and self-improvement.

By implementing a calendar management system or a task management system this can help to get more work done with planned execution therefore improving time management. By improving time management, a company can get more things done in less time and this allows them to see where the time is being allocated to the most and see where any bottlenecks are. By managing the tasks correctly this allows for better planning and expectations of team members.

When improving prioritization companies must investigate how decisions are being made and how to promote self-management. This can be done implementing productivity applications and project management software so that employees can see their progress and work towards a goal. This can lead to more focus and less distraction about what must be done.

With the evolving work environment, it is necessary to have continuous learning and development as a team and individuals. Consistent learning can be a competitive advantage as the company is always learning ahead of the curve. This can lead to talent retention and growth internally. With the team learning together and a focus on self-improvement this can in turn build a more effective team.

By emphasizing more individual productivity this can lead to more productive team collaboration.

Team Collaboration

It is crucial to have team collaboration within the company because this is how you engage employees, be more productive as a team, and get innovative ideas.

By implementing a digital transformation communication, information exchange and teamwork can be improved.

Implementing teamwork applications such as Slack or teamwork allows for seamless internal and external communication. This allows for clear and continuous communication that can be kept in one secure place. This opens the channels of communications thus boosting motivation by have proper and effective social interactions.

Having efficient information exchange is crucial in problem solving and helping to make more informed decisions. Implementing a platform with document management allows employees to have access to the information that they need in one secure area so that there is clarity and transparency.

Having processes and best practices established so that there can be collaborative work on projects is the foundation to good teamwork. By promoting teamwork as a company this allows for innovative ideas to be a result as well as quicker problem solving. Promoting teamwork gives employees a way to have engaging conversation that brings forth the best ideas.

How can CDAP help?

CDAP allows for the company to build a digital transformation plan that not only looks at the digital side of the company but the company altogether. This digital transformation uses the people as the foundation and uses this to build the most effective plan that transforms all the departments of the company. The $15,000 grant allows for companies to explore their processes and re-evaluate the needs and goals of the company.

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