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Why You Should Have A Digital Transformation Expert on Your Team.

With the dynamic nature of the business environment there is always a new and improved way to do a process. To accept these changes, it may come with a technological advance or a new technological project. These changes may not be aligned with the business goals. This creates a gap between the businesspeople and the technology people. A Digital Transformation Expert or a Digital advisor helps to bridge that gap for the company. Digital Advisors help align the business goals and technological advances and helps companies see a return on investment with the new advances.

Here are 5 reasons why it is a competitive advantage to have a Digital Transformation Expert on your team.

1. A Digital Transformation Expert assesses the needs of the whole team then identifies and analyzes the current information in the different departments the creates a plan and/ or a report that can lead to more informed decision making by the team

2. With a Digital Transformation Expert on the team there is a focus on the people, training and planning the adoption. Thus, creating team collaboration through communication and not just choosing an application that will get the job finished. Without a digital advisor it is likely that the team will choose a platform with the assumption that with access they will know how to collaborate with this platform efficiently and effectively

3. A Digital Transformation expert helps to identify bottlenecks in the organization’s processes and select platforms and applications that will increase business opportunities and promote growth.

4. A Digital transformation expert will not only focus on building a plan to help grow the business but will help identify the current digital risk that the business is at and address them through the digital transformation process. During this the expert will also make sure that all employees are educated on the processes in place for these risks.

5. A digital transformation expert puts emphasis on effective usage of applications and software by looking at the current applications that the businesses uses and what the business needs are. Then as a result they create a plan that helps the company have effective utilization and saves them from wasting money.

How Can CDAP Help?

CDAP allows for the team to investigate their business and identify the strong and weak points of the company. With CDAP companies get a Digital Advisor and a $15,000 grant to help walk through a Digital Transformation Plan allowing them to get the advice needed to use technology to help their businesses grow. This plan is tailored specifically to the company and the needs that they may have.

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